7 Things You Can Do to Look Younger

There are some things you can do to look younger besides opting for injections of Botox or invasive surgeries like liposuction and face lifts. Take a look below at some of the ‘gentler’ ways to seem younger than you really are:

1. Dress Your Age – Almost nothing makes you look older than you are than attempting to dress in the same style of clothing that your daughter or granddaughter wears. Dress your age and appear younger than you are.

2. Sleep Your Way to Youth – Your best sleep happens during what is called the ‘rejuvenation hours.’ Your face won’t reveal as many lines and your eyes won’t be as puffy. If you’re in a habit of waking up at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, try meditation or take the natural herb, melatonin before turning in for the night. Sleep is where your body does almost all of its maintaining and repairing. And not just any sleep, its the deep sound sleep, the ‘rejuvenation hours’ Very Important!

3. Your Diet Can Make You Younger – Obesity can become a problem as you grow older because of a slower metabolism. Keep your weight on track, make your skin glow and your blood healthy by eating foods with beneficial properties. Fruits, especially berries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries. Maybe the most famous today is the Acai (ah-sigh-EE) berry. It is regarded as one of the ‘Top Ten’ superfoods in the world. The most nutrient dense, antioxidant rich food on the planet.

4. Exercise Regularly – Nothing benefits your overall health like having an exercise regime that you enjoy and perform on a regular basis. No matter what exercise you choose, getting your body moving can drop the years from your body and mind. Walk, jog, join the YMCA or a fitness club. The bonus when you join a fitness club or gym is, they are experts in the field, and can design not only a step by step exercise plan, but also a nutritional diet program tailored to You.

5. Use Makeup Sparingly – You’ll appear to be much younger than you really are if you use makeup more to enhance your natural assets rather than attempting to cover up the flaws. Get a professional makeup artist to show you how to apply your makeup in the best and most flattering way.

6. Choose the Proper Hairstyle – Are you still wearing the same style you had in the 70s – or is your hair dull or gray? Do yourself a favor and visit a professional hairstylist and let him or her design a style that fits your face and coloring.

7. Break Those Bad Habits – If you smoke or drink too much alcohol, cut down or quit if possible. Too much alcohol will dry out your skin and smoking will rapidly age your entire body. Easier said then done, but keep this in mind: ‘Health is only valued when you lose it’ Don’t take yours for granted.

In your quest to look and feel younger, don’t forget your ‘attitude.’ Do what you can to keep yourself upbeat and positive – and for goodness sake, don’t forget to smile!