A New Kind Of Green Spirit

As society becomes more aware of the dangers that face our world we are embracing items and ideas that are beneficial to the Earth and the people that live on it. The Green Movement is gathering more and more followers each day as more and more products are introduced to the market place that claim to be eco-friendly and environmentally aware. This movement is now so large that entire nations are adopting policies and materials to reduce waste and reduce harmful emissions.

For the everyman, the regular Joe, making steps towards a greener tomorrow is no longer as far fetched as it once seemed. With the introduction of hybrid cars, solar paneling for homes, and the bountiful selection of recycled goods on the market consumers are now able to make an impact by exchanging a little green for a greener planet.

Eco-friendly products are not just limited to cars, light bulbs, and organic fruits and vegetables. New products from old companies are being introduced to the market place with green in mind. Vodka is the latest product in a long list of product to go green and with the wide selection of premium spirits already on the shelves it may be confusing to pick out the right bottle.

There are three major manufacturers of vodka that are forging the way for others in the new and greener market. These three are VEEV, Purus, and 360 Vodka. These brands are already well known to aficionados and casual drinkers as representing some of the finest vodkas on the market today but there is a difference between each.

The difference does not lay in taste alone, though it does play a factor, the real difference between the green vodkas is how they are environmentally aware. Each of the brands is going green in their own way and it is up to the consumer to decide which vodka is for them.


VeeV is becoming a popular vodka at parties and restaurants as it boasts of a smooth taste. Ingredient wise, VeeV is set apart from the rest of the Vodkas on the market for its use of Acai, an exotic berry that is found in the Amazonian Rain forest and is the national fruit of Brazil. The fruit is revered for its natural properties and VeeV is the first spirit to use the Acai. Using the Acai fruit presents a great opportunity for VeeV to give back to earth from which it takes.

Consumers of VeeV may be concerned about the use of this Amazon resource and VeeV understands why. The Rain forest is being rapidly depleted by overuse and deforestation and in an effort to counteract their use of that resource VeeV gives $1 to the Rain forest for every bottle bought. While this may not seem like a large amount, the impact is huge. The money goes directly to the farming communities where VeeV receives the Acai berry and helps to ensure that the berry is organic diminishing any negative impact on this fragile ecosystem.

This is not all VeeV does. VeeV’s distilleries are carbon neutral, the first in its industry. Carbon neutral means that the company maintains a zero balance on their carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources, buying eco-friendly products, and taking other steps in an effort to reduce negative impact on the world. This is an important step in reducing Greenhouse gases that are depleting the Ozone layer and causing Global Warming.

Distilled Resources Inc, VeeV’s distilleries, is now using renewable wind energy, and using a renewable energy source is a major step for a major company.

VeeV is certainly setting the standard when it comes to the Industry. Along with trying to benefit the Earth in eco-friendly standards, VeeV is also taking social responsibility through the use of Co-op America, Planet Green, and Climate Clean among other companies interested in aiding the people of the Earth along with making the Earth a Greener place to live.


Purus Vodka is a family owned distillery in its third generation that has the ability to boast the fact that it is made from 100% organic wheat. Along with this, Purus is working with American Forests in an effort to replenish the dwindling North American forests. For every person that registers on the Purus website, the company vows to plant a tree through American Forest to replenish the loss of trees do the wild fires and deforestation that has plagued this nation for years.

Purus takes its environmentally conscious attitude to its packaging as well. With its concern over the state of the American forests, it only makes sense that Purus use labels that are 100% free of trees. The bottle is also 100% recyclable so it will have a new life as something else and will not just sit in a landfill. Even the ink and adhesives are environmentally friendly. Using soy based inks Purus has eliminated the use of harmful petroleum based ink and the adhesives used are water based.

Purus is relatively new vodka on the market but its impact is already being felt through its tree planting program and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

360 Vodka

360 Vodka has taken the title of Eco Luxury Vodka a title that it certainly deserves. 360 is a well respected vodka much loved for its taste and nature and now for its efforts for creating a Greener environment.

360 Vodka believes in taking cooperate responsibility for the planet and uses greener methods in the creation and packaging of its drink. The company promises to donate $20 from each case of 360 Vodka sold to the Coastal Conservation Association located in the Florida. The CCA is a non profit organization striving to protect the natural marine resources that can be found all around the state of Florida. This pledge of money has greatly benefited the CCA and its efforts. Along with this, 360 are also giving $1 to environmental causes around the world with every cap returned. This initiative is called the “Close the Loop” program and has already benefited many areas and people.

The packaging of 360 vodka is also eco friendly, with 85% recycled glass along with recycled paper and water based ink.

360 Vodka is also taking steps in its daily routine to help the environment. The company as a whole is taking steps such as recycling paper, ink cartridges, and other materials on a daily basis. 360 has even added an on site recycling center at the McCormick Distilling to make this process easier and convenient. Along with other measures, procedures, and methods McCormick Distilling and 360 Vodka are taking major strides in helping the environment and reducing their impact by researching other ways to go green.

While these three brands of Vodka take different methods in helping the environment, they are all great examples of ways that companies can make a positive impact on the world.

Consumers will have to make a decision in which to buy and take not only taste into consideration but how the brands are working towards a greener tomorrow.