A Review of the Fruta Vida Income Opportunity

Fruta Vida was founded in 1995 by a man name Anthony Shaw. In 2005, they featured three new tropical food products. They are Acai Berry, the Cupuacu Fruit and Yerba Mate. These fruits are actually harvested from the Amazon Rain Forest.

They say that 70% of the plants found to fight illnesses are found in the rainforest. Sounds like a very healthy rain forest. Some people say that the Acai Berry is the worlds best kept health secret. Simply put, this berry is high in antioxidants and other great health promoting substances.

What are anti-oxidants? Well, they have been proven in several studies to great in your overall health. Some claim it to work on several incurable diseases, but we wont’ get into that here. But Fruta Vida is giving, you, the seller, the opportunity to help others find out the benefits of these healthy products and have a healthier and happier life.

They have a very good product as mentioned above. The product is a healthy drink that will last you a month. One bottle is about $1 a day, for less than a cup of coffee. They do carry a 30-day money back guarantee enabling you to try it risk free.

They offer training in their marketing and their products. You and purchase top quality sales and marketing materials to promote your business. You will be able to purchase your own website, an email auto responder to help you in your follow ups, you can purchase leads monthly and even hire the call center to do your phone calls for you.

Fruta Vida is a network-marketing program that allows you to earn money through your sales and your networks growth and sales. The way that their marketing plans is this; you are presented with a form of a matrix system. I will list it below.

1. Fast Start: This enables you to earn an instant bonus of $20 to $70 for every new member that you personally recruit. These “Fast Start” bonuses are paid out 4 times a month.

2. 2×7 Expanding Matrix system: You can have up to 254 people in each Matrix with each level earning a fixed dollar amount. The commissions are determined at the end of the month.

3. 100% matching: This is a bonus that matches 100% of any members that you have personally sponsored.

They claim to have what is called an “Auto-Fill Matrix”. This means you are able to generate a minimum of $650 a month without ever recruiting anyone. But this has actually not been the case as many new members have come to find out. One member did have 18 in his matrix and should have qualified for a rather large commission. But he didn’t, his commission at the end of the month was $7.50

As with many network marketing companies, so much depends on your willingness to work hard and be committed to recruiting and building your matrix. You will need to really believe in your product and be willing to stay with it for the long haul.

There are the 10% that do make money and are quite successful and happy. But the sad thing is, that 90% of people fail in this type of business. They then go to find another way with their hopes dashed and wanting to believe in the dream. They will continue to go into another network company one after the other in hopes to be able to quit their JOB and gain that financial freedom that they all promise.