A Review of the MonAvie Income Opportunity

MonAvie is a fairly new company. Started in January 2005 the company focuses on selling a specially formulated Acai Berry supplement juice. While it promotes the many health benefits of the MonAvie supplement juice, they also offer an opportunity to sell or market their products as an independent distributor through a multi level marketing program.

Keeping in mind that you can not own your own business with out spending money on it MonAvie starts you out for a mere $42. This will get you your business kit, which consists of a letter and DVDs to use at “Tasting” parties that you can hold to help sell the product. This sounds easy, but in order for you to make money you need to buy the product and be put on the auto-ship each month. Well that is the start anyway.

Even if you are on auto-ship you will not make money until you have two “legs” underneath you. These legs are really two other people that you bring on board to also buy MonAvie and they must be on auto-ship. Your mentor, the person that brought you to MonAvie or the person whose site you sign up on can place people under you to help you make money but you still will not make money until you personally put two people under you. You must personally create your two legs.

How are you paid? You can make a commission from buying the product yourself at wholesale and then sell it retail to other people. For this you set your own price and the difference between what you paid and what you charge is your pay. Then there is the compensation plan for being a distributor. This employs a binary compensation system.

The binary compensation plan of MonAvie requires you to balance the two legs that you have. What this means is that if one of your legs has a weekly volume of $20,000 and the other leg only has $200 in weekly volume your pay is $100. So in essence your MonAvie individual company sells over $20,000 in one week and you only make $100. Where does the rest of the 50% payout the company offers go? The rest goes to the top distributors with MonAvie.

This compensation plan may work for some people, but most people will have problems coping with the binary compensation plan that MonAvie offers.

Binary plans by nature are aggressive and very profitable if you become a good recruiter. If you already know how to send lots of traffic to your website after you sign up, more power to you. However not all of us have those skills naturally inbred within us. If this is the case with you, then you’ll need to find a reliable mentor and sponsor to help ensure that your chances of success increase with this company.

First of all make sure this person isn’t necessarily the company hotshot or super star. The people who will help you become the most successful in Monavie are the distributors doing decent but haven’t reached the top yet. In most cases it’s these people who can get you moving. The main trick is to make sure they have solid marketing skills, so make sure you ask any potential sponsors.