About us

Here at acaiberrypills.org we provide our visitors with independent third-party reviews of acai berry supplements that are available on the market today.

Our reviews are based on extensive analysis of product website, it’s terms and conditions.

We analyse terms and conditions and determine if they are customer-frendly and how easy it is to cancel your membership if you like to. So, our top rated pills have the most customer-friendly terms and conditions.

We also collect data on the distributor location and rate the products according to where exactly distributor is located. If location data is presented on the product website and the company is located in USA, we assign a higher rating to a product. If we’re uncertain of product’s company location, we typically don’t recommend this product to our visitors.

Next, we collect the actual consumer reviews from all the sources possible, such as forums, discussion boards, blogs and so on. We record every feedback on the particular product and rate products according to their effectiveness for real consumers.

Next, we analyse the actual ingredients of every product and it the product website doesn’t contain any information on actual ingredients, we assign a lower rating to such product.

We hope our ratings will help you make an informed decision before you decide to signup for a free trial or buy a specific acai berry supplement. If you decide, we highly recommend to choose among our top recommended products as they satisfy to all the above mentioned conditions.

If you have any question or concerns feel free to contact us.