Acai Berry 500 mg, 4:1 Extract, 90caps

Acai Berry 500 mg, 4:1 Extract, 90caps

  • Highest quality Acai berry
  • 500 mg, 90 Capsules
  • Freeze dried – 4 times the potency
  • Antioxident rich supplement
  • Formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., a honest source of nutritional information

Highest quality Acai Berry.

The acai berry is found in the Amazon forest and is promoted as having very powerful antioxidant properties. The acai berry is purple colored and small and comes from a palm tree known by the Brazilians as “the tree of life.”

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RioVida with Transfer Factor by 4Life – 2 X 500ml. Bottles

  • Educates, enhances and balances the immune system
  • Featuring Transfer Factor E-XF and NanoFactor, combined with the potent antioxidants of super fruits
  • Includes a potent fusion of antioxidant juices, including a?a?, pomegranate, blueberry, and elderberry
  • Revs up energy reserves with a composition of essential fatty acids, amino acids, trace mineral and flavonoids

“Antioxidants RioVida is the sole nutritional drink that combines transfer factors with antioxidants. In fact, it inspired the creation of an entirely new drink category immune system support meets antioxidant energizers. As a blend of 100% pure juices, RioVida isnt just an immune builder, although Transfer Factor E-XF increases cellular immune function by 283%; and it isnt just an antioxidant source, although it contains fruits and berries higher in antioxidants than anything else known.4Life Transfer Factor If youre looking for the one thing that changes everything, it might just be your immune system. As your body’s first line of defense, your immune system is a watchful guardian. As it works to defend other bodily systems against potential harm, your immune system relies on three things: 1. The ability to recognize potential harm. 2. The wisdom to know what to do. 3. The ability to rouse your defenses.Designed by nature to educate a newborns immune responses, transfer factors: Teach your immune system to discern between helpful and harmful foreign agents in the body and to remember what youve encountered before. Provide the genetic coding your body needs to know how to deal with the problem. Activate your bodys innate response system, Natural Killer (NK) cells which go to work restoring supporting health and balance. Transfer Factor E-XFRioVidas fortifying ingredient is 4Life Transfer Factor E-XF. All transfer factors work with the immune system, but Transfer Factor Advanced Formula (E-XF) has been clinically tested and shown to increase immune system response by 283%! The power of the Advanced Formulas comes from combining the transfer factors of two sources, cow colostrum and chicken eggs. The wisdom and experience carried by these molecules support the immune systems goal of restoring supporting health to the body. RioVidas Transfer Factor E-XF: Gives your immune system a memory boost, reminding it of past health threats.”

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