Acai Berry and It’s Many Benefits

First off what is the Acai Berry, for you not to have heard of this super food you almost have to have been living in complete isolation, as it is one of the most talked about and written about foods out there today.

Some facts you may not know about Acai Berries: The acai berry is very rich in protein and is known to have as much as an egg. They are high in vitamin B3 which is niacin, and that can play an important part in cellular energy production by assisting in the transfer of electrons in oxidation-reduction. In addition to these here is a partial list of amazing things this little berry can do for you:

Promotes sound sleep
Cleanses and detoxifies the body of infectious toxins
Enhances sexual desire and performance
Helps to clear skin of warts
Minimizes inflammation
Fights general depression

Where does the Acai Berry come from? It comes from the Brazilian Rain Forest in Northern Brazil and the people living there have been eating these berries for hundreds of years. It is a highly valued medicinal food and the actual healthy properties of the berry is active for 24-48 hours after being picked, so that means they need to be freeze dried or made into juice or powder within that time of harvesting/picking.

The acai berry is smaller in size than a grape and is produced in clusters by the palm trees called Euterpe Oleracea. This berry is definitely the jewel of the Brazilian Rain forest and it is one of the most powerful yet delicate fruits in the world.

Some of the better know benefits of this powerhouse food are; it is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, essential omegas, fibers and vital vitamins.
Studies have shown that the acai berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world. It is thought to have a great impact on heart and on the entire cardiovascular system and is considered to be helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease. Helps relieve arthritis, can help reduce and speed up the recovery from injuries, helps stabilize normal blood sugar and assists in diabetes; strengthens your immune system; assists in eyesight and helps with vision sharpness; promotes younger looking skin; slows down the aging process; boosts your energy; improved the digestion; relieves arthritis pain.

Even though this seems like it could be considered a miracle food the acai berry is not a license to eating anything and everything you want and the consume some acai berry to be healthy. So the rule is if you smoke, drink, eat fast food and not exercise this little berry is not going to keep you in optimal health. But if you do all the right things it will gives you the energy from your youth, with added vitality, and increased stamina.

Acai berries