Acai Berry capsules? Reviews? Thoughts?

Question by Princess: Acai Berry capsules? Reviews? Thoughts?
Out of curiosity, I just ordered a bottle of the Acai Berry capsules to hopefully assist in my weight loss efforts. It is a free trial so I figured, why not?

Has anybody tried it yet? Have any reviews for me? Like are there side effects? Does it do what it promises? Stuff like that.

Ok let me clarify, since Vince W proved with his(?) “answer” that I have to break this question down..

I know there is no such thing as a magic pill. I’m not expecting to lose weight just by taking this pill. But I’ve heard that it has antioxidants and fiber that promote extra energy to HELP AID in the weight loss process.

Is that more clear?

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Answer by VINCE W
There really is one born every minute.

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