Acai Berry Found In The Amazon Rainforest – Part 1

Found in the Amazon Rainforest, the aa berry is but one of the fruits located there and has recently been dubbed a super berry. The rainforest is a perfect location for it, since the aa berry prospers in swampy or floodplain areas. It comes from a palm tree and is known as the Tree of Life to the Brazilians because of its ability to provide an abundance of healthy food.Because the fruit does not last long after it is harvested, it is mostly available to anyone outside of the Amazon as a juice or frozen. It also cannot be eaten in raw form, but rather in pulp form. That has not stopped its popularity. The dark, purple skin is what contains a majority of the healthy benefits. The natives of Brazil have been passing down recipes to create purees, which you can warm as a sauce over grains or entrees like meat and fish. The aa berry can also be frozen for a sorbet-like dessert.In Brazil, a majority of the population lives on the aa berry. In fact, they consume more aa than milk. Aa shops, that sell only aa, can be found on almost every street corner is the more populated areas of Brazil. With the popularity of the aa berry spreading to Europe and the United States, it will not be long before aa shops are opening around the world. There are already several companies and websites that offer products using aa solely or with other fruits or plants.