Acai Berry Juice nutrition?

Question by Jae: Acai Berry Juice nutrition?
I really like the taste of this drink and i heard its pretty super in terms on healh and what not, i was looking at the nutrition info and noticed that B12 was 1000% of daily intake…what exactly does B12 do for your body :P, and say i had more than 8 oz (1 bottle) of Acai Berry Juice, would itcause problems? thanks!

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Answer by Sylvia
B12 is also known as cobalabin and is help to the metabolism of every cell in the body. So basically it speeds it up.
Your body only absorbs the vitamins its needs and flushes out the rest. At the same time it doesnt absorb all the vitamins you eat. It only absorbs 8-11% of it ingested. So If you’ve had more than 8 oz of the juice only about 10% is actually being absorbed in your body. If that 10% is too much you’ll just pee out the rest. Its not unhealthy because vitamins are seen as a poison to your body so it easily passes through. Unlike alcohol which is seen as a poison, is filtered through your kidneys, and may cause serious damage.
But i think Your only supposed to drink 2 shots a day of Acai Berry Juice. Still not harmful though. just sayin.

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