Acai berry pills vs. juice?

Question by Justaguyinaplace: Acai berry pills vs. juice?
I discovered Acai berry when I was in the ice cream section of cub foods, there was an Acai berry sorbet, I picked it up and glanced it over, read that it was some rare berry from the rain forest and decided to give it a try. I often will randomly pick out interesting things to try out if they catch my eye. Anyway, I found it to be very delicious. I later found the Tropicana pure brand Acai berry/raspberry juice and threw it in my cart and wow if it wasn’t so dang expensive I would line my fridge with it. Well basically my point is that I found the stuff on my own and wasn’t following some “fad”.

Ok, my question now is this, apparently people are taking these acai berry pills? I really don’t know anything about them, but someone was saying something about using them for weight loss, don’t scream at me if I’m completely off base on any or all of this.

Well actually I’m not really sure what my question is, I’m just somewhat confused by the concept. That would be like taking strawberry pills, or watermelon pills, or whatever. Why not drink the juice, its so much tastier.

Also I guess I don’t really know the whole deal with the Acai berry, whats so great about it, besides it being delicious?
Great, I got 5 answers, and 4 of them are trying to sell me something…, thank you to the one real person that answered me. 2 of the 4 solicitors for sure didn’t read my question, the third and forth at least were selling acai berry products. One of which MonaVie I might actually consider purchasing if I a. had a job and b. it wasn’t a pyramid scheme. Too bad too, because it looks so damn mouthwateringly delicious. In conclusion MonaVie can stay but the others are getting reported, since MonaVie girl seems like she actually put a couple of brain cells into her answer and played to my weaker side.
On further inspection monavie girl has to go to i inspected another answer in which half of it was copy paste of mine, and I do not want to be copy pasted. Too bad too, I really wanted the relationship between us to work?

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Answer by amore_tropicale
i read in a magazine that acai has 10-13 times the same amount of “good stuff” as found in red wine. Acai has one of the highest antioxidant counts of any food in the world, meaning it will fight those nasty free radicals being created in your body. Ever heard of “juice fasting”? Ok, well lets use logic here: if you pick an acai berry and eat it, it is more fresh and is still “alive” right? Ok, so now lets pretend you pick that berry, dry it out, turn it into a powder, and let it sit in a pill jar for a year. Which way do YOU think is healthier? Fresh juice of course.

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