Acai Berry Scam – Bandits on the Loose acai berry scam Açaí Berry Scams There have been a number of disputes regarding the legality of some sites that have been using the free publicity created by Oprah’s show and other celebrities to sell online açaí-based products (mostly juice, pulp, powder or capsules). Some of these companies, according to the Better Business Bureau, have lured consumers into accepting ‘free’ samples of açaí berry supplements for weight loss and then used their credit card information for unauthorized charge backs. The BBB warns consumers of these type of practice and advises them to carefully read the “Terms of Service” pages[24] of these sites. In most of the times, the strategy of these companies is to offer customers free trials. People that sign up are asked to pay the shipment fee. The companies register subscribers with their credit card details and after a few weeks, start charging them for other products that will be sent on a regular basis. In many cases, the only way to cancel these programs is by phone. Using this glitch, these companies usually do not respond to the number printed on their site, thus letting the program flow indefinitely. People have been reporting unauthorized charge backs to their credit cards and in most of the cases credit cards or even bank accounts had to be closed in order to put an end to this situation. As a dietary supplement Recently, the açaí “berry” has been touted and marketed as a dietary supplement. Companies sell
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