Acai Berry – Where to Buy Acai

Acai berry is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. it is found in the Amazon rainforest, in Brazil, and is used in many various products, ranging from juices, to powders to capsules etc. In recent years the popularity of acai berry has risen dramatically, due to it being featured on Oprah’s show as well as Rachel Ray show and many different news channels. These exposure has increased the interest in the berries by a large margin and has caused many people to wonder where to buy acai.

First let’s clarify what exactly you would be buying. The berry is only 10% pulp and 90% seeds, it also has a very short life time after being picked of the palm it grows on. As such you most likely won’t be buying the berry itself, but rather one of the products based on it. The products you most likely to buy are juices and capsules (although you can buy powder.) The juices are mostly aimed at more of a general health benefits, where as capsules are generally aimed at weight loss.

With the above out of the way, where would you buy it? The pharmacy stores have been a bit slow on picking up acai products, although some are starting to carry it, their selection still leaves a lot to be desired. The other option is to buy online. The benefits of buying online are the same as they are for buying other products online – large selection of products and ability to compare prices. In this case though there are two more added benefits you get when you buy online.

If you are looking to buy acai capsules, you can get a free trial where you only pay shipping and handling. Which is quite nice as it allows you to try the product before paying for it. The other benefits is that if you buy online you can quickly research if any of the added ingredients have side effects and what those side effects are. Allowing you to make a better decision as to what acai berry product to buy. Get more information about acai berry where to buy acai.

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