Acai Brazilian Food of The Gods

You have probably heard the saying “nectar of the gods”, well, I decided to call this article, “Acai Brazilian food of the gods,” because not only is it highly prized in Brazil, but it is helping bring in more jobs and more jobs means more money!  Let’s look at why Acai is one of the most coveted super foods on earth.

Acai has not only helped Brazilians live longer and healthier lives, but it’s helped bring in more money than they’ve probably ever seen!  This is a prime example of why we need to protect our rain forests, because there are so many wonderful natural foods, that can heal our bodies growing in such places as Brazil.

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When you have a superfood that can dramatically improve your health and make your country wealthier, that is definitely a food of the gods.  I would dare say that this miraculous purple berry is thought of in almost mythical proportions!

Acai has been studied and researched heavily by doctors, not to mention, it was talked about on the Oprah Winfrey show.  We all know that anything Oprah Winfrey talks about, automatically becomes a bestseller!  Unfortunately,  there were scam artist who took advantage of the wide spread popularity of Acai and pocketed a lot of innocent consumers cash!

This is why I say it’s always important to read the terms and conditions on a website.  It’s vital that you research the company’s reputation that is selling a natural product and see if there are any complaints.  Don’t just take anyone’s word for it and especially don’t just trust a website, but use your instincts and the Internet to find the truth.

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Acai is a powerful healing superfood, but you need to purchase it from an organic source, that does not add a bunch of extra ingredients.  There are many watered-down Acai products on the market and you have to watch out for such fillers as magnesium stearate.  On the bottle it should say 100% pure Acai without added preservatives!

If you are going to buy an Acai juice, please make sure that it contains no added sugar.  If you’ve been studying natural medicine, you will find that sugar is the number one cause of inflammation.  On the other side of the coin, you will find that Acai is a powerful anti-inflammatory.  From my studies of all natural methods online, I found that inflammation furthers the aging process!

I have found a company that uses only organic Acai and it contains no preservatives whatsoever.  Unfortunately, there are many health food products on the market, that contain preservatives and  these preservatives cancel out the life-giving properties of Acai.  This is what happens when you have companies trying to make a fast buck and the consumer is the one who always suffers!

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