Acai Power Berry 500 – You Know You Want It!

Acai Power Berry 500 for Men and Women in 2011

Acai Power Berry 500 has proven active ingredients to help you lose weight fast and get your body ripped.  Acai Power Berry 500  will boost your energy level and help you feel more confident.

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Why You Must Lose Weight Now…

Being overweight isn’t just very unhealthy, it can also be very dangerous. When you’re overweight, you put a tremendous amount of stress on your body and you become at risk for serious back pain, joint issues, and many other bad health problems.

In addition to many medical issues, being overweight often depletes your energy, robbing you of the ability to get things done during the daytime, and turning your body into that of a lazy couch potato who doesn’t feel like doing anything. These are just a few of the simple reasons to take advantage now of this risk free sample of our new weight loss formula for 2011 and let the power of Acai help you get the fit body you want and deserve.

Acai Power Berry 500 in the News from 2010:

– ABN News Calls Acai Berry Power 500 A New Superfood!

The network now reports that many world-class athletes everywhere have started using Acai Power Berry 500 products as part of their personal training regimens. They note that Acai berry is very rich is Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils and is so nutritious it can be used as a full meal anytime! “You’ll be hearing a lot more about this rain forest fruit in 2011” ABN News reported!

– CBSNBC News now notes that Acai berries are “rich in so many B vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids that it is just down right ridiculous. Acai berries also contain a lot of oleic acid.”

The Wall Street Journals calls Acai berries one of the trendiest new health foods world-wide at new juice bars and organic health food stores around the globe.

Studies have now shown that this little berry is one of the most nutritious and extremely powerful foods in the world! Acai is the high-energy berry and fruit of a special Amazon palm tree. Hidden within its royal purple pigment is the awesome magic that makes it nature’s perfect energy fruit for many years. A synergy of monounsatura-ted (healthy) fats, dietary fibers and phytosterols to help promote cardiovascular health and digestive tract health.

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