With its benefits, the Acai (pronounced: ah-sigh-EE) Berry has become a popular supplement. The small purple berry that is mostly seed with little pulp is a nutrient-packed power-house that may increase energy, ward off cancer, promote restful sleep, improve the libido, aid in weight loss and promote healthy skin.

Because of its benefits, it’s no wonder that the public is in a rush to purchase this powerful supplement. The problem is that most stores want a low cost product that has a flashy label that says “Acai Berry” on it.   If you read the “Supplement Facts” and “Other Ingredients” on the label, you will learn that these products are only acai extracts and may contain fillers, additives, flowing agents and/or stimulants.  To get the true benefits of Acai berry buy a supplement that contains pure organic Acai.

Pure Acai is created through a freeze drying process that holds the nutrients and benefits of the berry. If the label does not specify freeze dried acai berry then the supplement was processed by using chemical and heat to dry the acai berries into a powder form.  This information will not be on the ingredients list of a store bought supplement. With Pure Acai, the label clearly states “Freeze-Dried Organic Acai”.

Most consumers trust their local grocery store or pharmacy, but the truth is the local store may not know about the Acai Berry or its benefits, and they are simply selling what is stocked on their shelves. These mass produced acai berry supplement are not pure and are extracts with little benefits, to learn more about store sold acai and the best pure acai brands read the acai reviews. 

It is in the consumers’ best interest to purchase an Acai Berry supplement like Perfect Acai. Not only is it 100% organic Acai, it’s sold by a company that offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the consumer isn’t satisfied.

Kristen Ross – Researcher of Dietary Supplements. For a dietary supplement To be healthy for the body, and the planet they must be all natural with no additives and grown without pesticides. If you are interested in the world’s best super food do not waste your time and money on buying a mass produced acai supplement that will likely be an extract that will not give you the benefits of the whole berry.

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