All About the Acai Berry Superfood

Acai Berries in Basket

The Acai Berry is found on a palm tree in the Amazon Rain Forest. It looks very much like a grape, but a little bit smaller. To make the berry edible, the pulp must be seperated from the seed so that it forms an almost liquid that can be drank or made into a liquid gel pill. For years, scientists though that the Acai Berry was unedible and poisionous to humans.

Acai Berry has a very unique tropical fruit taste that is different then anything most people have ever experienced. It is loaded with antioxidants, omega acids, amino acids, fiber, iron, and tons of other vitamins and minerals. Many energy drink makers are now mixing the acai berry with guarana which not only boosts energy, but will heighten mental clarity and awareness.

The high concentrations of fatty acids and amino acids are responsible for lowering cholesterol and fight premature aging. Besides the protein and minerals, the berries also contain a very fast burning carbohydrate that is great for energy. Due to this, acai is now being served a lot in gyms and health clubs across the United States.

The main fat burning properties come from the use of polyphenols that are contained in the berry. Polyphenols are responsbile for triggering an enzyme in the body that is responsible for burning fat. This enzyme triggers the bodies thermal properties, so you are literally “burning” your bodies fat.

Acai Berry is a very important food and will become more and more popular as word gets out. The use of all natural weight loss supplements such as Acai Berry will gain force for years to come.