Alpine V Review- are Charity and Mlm a Good Fit?

Alpine V has arrived on the mlm scene and joined the ranks of other network marketing companies touting exotic, nutrient dense “super” beverages. Companies have already given us “mega” drinks such as Acai, Goji, and Noni, but the folks over at Alpine V say that Alpine V blows them all away!This article will not only review the drink, it will scrutinize the business opportunity as well.

So exactly what is Alpine V ? It is a drink derived from a combination of 4 ingredients. The ingredient that packs the most nutritional “wallop”is derived from the Alpine Sandthorn Berry. These tasty little guys claim to contain 190 bioactive nutrients, and the entire roster of omega fatty acids!The other 3 ingredients are watermelon, Guanabana, and Pomegranate. The manufacturers claim that Alpine V is less diluted, more scientifically validated, and better tasting than the competition. I must say that i tasted Alpine V, and it is really quite good!

The company is based out of Ogden, Utah. The company founders are three fitness buffs; Mike haynes, Lonny Stanford, and Cade Napierski. I checked out their profiles, and all have ample business experience. Much of their experience revolves around product development, business consulting, marketing, advertising and product promotion. Only one of the founders, Cade Napierski appeared to have much network marketing experience. The philosophy of the company claims to be focused on helping and supporting distibutors. New distributors are equipped with a personal website and backoffice. Some tools are provided, if a distributors wants all the tools, they must pay an additional 15.00 a month.

Alpine V charges no distibutor fees to get involved with the company. New distributors are only required to purchase 2 bottles of the product. The compensation plan is a uni-level that goes an impressive 10 levels deep, and pays out an equally impressive 55%. Distributors are eligible for a variety of bonuses early on, which creates quick cash flow. To insure that maximum commissions are earned by the hard working distributors, the pay plan features forced compression and a shared breakage bonus.

In conclusion, Alpine V is an exciting company with a possible fatal flaw. Almost no mlm company that features only one product succeeds for the long term. Alpine V will have to add products on a routine basis to survive in such a competitive industry. Also, distributors will have to learn how to leverage the Internet to recruit prospects. Renegade University offers excellent, FREE training in the new art of attraction marketing. The membership website offers step-by-step video tutorials on how to brand yourself on the Internet to attract prospects to you. Check it out!