Amazon Acai Berry Ingredients, Benefits, Warnings?

As of late, there has been a lot of acai berry info about the benefits of utilizing products that come from the Brazilian acai berry tree found only in the Amazon. Therefore, it may prove helpful to look at specific acai berry info about the acai berry including acai berry benefits, acai ingredients, and acai berry warnings.

The History of Acai Berries

As with any other topic, it is important to start at the beginning. When discuss the Acai berry, it is important to know that this fruit is know as the Brazilian Acai or the Acai Amazon berry because it is indigenous to the rain forest near and around the Amazon.

Additionally, the benefits of the Amazon Acai berry is no secret to the native tribes found in this part of the world. That is because the tribes in this area pick the acai berry from acai berry trees for personal consumption and for the high demand we now have for the Brazilian acai berry.

Among the wealth of acai berry info out there, it’s been said that the natives who have been consuming the acai berry for decades noticed an increase in energy. Also, when they ate the Acai Amazon fruit they noticed that their immune system became stronger and subsequently they had less bouts of illness. In addition, the acai berry had a great chocolate like taste to it.

Acai Berry Ingredients Today

Acai berry ingredients are of the actual acai berries themselves. It is also important for the consumer today who’s interested in the benefits of the Acai berry to realize that the berry does not have a long or extended shelf life. Therefore, usually within 24 hours, the berry must be freeze dried to preserve it’s health properties. The fruit of the Acai berry tree can then be further processed into pure acai through pills, acai capsules, and acai berry juice.

Additional acai research and studies conducted on the Akai berry have shown that this amazing Brazilian fruit acai has the ability to destroy cancer cells. Researchers have found that acai berries also have over 16 identified antioxidants and phytonutrient along 19 Amino Acids. Acai berries help to speed up metabolism significantly aiding in acai berry weight loss. Let’s not forget about the high level of fiber and it’s ability to increase absorption of many vital vitamins and minerals.

Free radicals can also speed along the aging process, and acai berry is believed to help slow this process. The antioxidant properties in the acai berry are similar to those found in other like-colored fruits, including blueberries, strawberries, cranberries and blackberries.

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