Anti-aging Dietary Tips for Eternal Youth

Fitness, beauty and anti aging are the fastest selling terms these days…and the biggest irony of the modern era. Today’s lifestyle is leading us towards the unhealthiest of habits, while craving for that youthful appearance that always seems elusive. The good news is that now there is a way to fight the harmful oxidants and free radicals that attack our bodies each day. Natural anti aging juice and food supplements can leave you looking and feeling better each day.
What is anti-aging?
Everything that is born must die someday. Yes, the fact is that our bodies grow and regenerate for a period of time before our cells and tissues begin to degenerate. Aging is the process of moving towards a phase of degeneration, when our cells and tissues begin their slow process of decay. But before you panic reading all this, you need to know that there are ways to hold the aging process at bay for prolonged periods of time. Anti-aging products are supplements that nourish and bolster our cells and tissues so that they continue to regenerate for a longer period of time than they normally would. The best anti-aging methods are regular exercise, a well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Apart from this, the markets today are flooded with natural and pharmacological aids to anti-aging. Read on to know the best way to help your body repair itself and continue to look young for longer.
The Anti Aging Diet
An anti aging diet comprises of certain foods that are rich in specific nutrients. Some of these foods include:
• Anti-oxidants – Green leafy vegetables, fruit juices and especially the Acai Berry juice are effective anti-oxidants.
• Sprouted beans, whole grains and other raw nuts like walnuts and almonds
• Fresh green vegetables consumed raw or boiled are not only effective anti-oxidants, they provide a high fiber diet that helps cleanse the body of toxins
• Anti-aging juices top the popularity charts when it comes to retarding the aging process. Berry juice, like that from the Acai berry, is a nutritional supplement well known for its anti aging properties.
• Olive oil is also known to have effective anti aging properties.
• Barley greens, aloe vera, primrose oil, broccoli, lettuce, mushrooms, tomato, etc can be added to your weekly anti-aging intake to best results
To maximize the benefits of your anti-aging diet, you need to steer clear of certain foods, such as:
• Avoid drinks like tea, coffee, sodas and alcohol.
• Dairy products increase cholesterol in the body, which promotes the aging process. So minimize you intake of dairy products
• Sugar intake should be minimized as much as possible.
• Keep away from complex carbohydrates rich food material, having food rich in Omega3 fatty acids will work for anti aging process.
• A protein rich diet should be avoided.
• While egg whites are safe, avoid the use of egg yolks in your diet.
The best way to plan your daily diet is to have a heavy breakfast, followed by a light lunch and an even lighter dinner. If you can follow these simple dietary suggestions, you will never need to resort of drug supplements, which usually have harmful side effects, to help your body look and feel young.