Anti – Part 1

The visible sign of aging always give us a stressful feeling especially if these signs are “unwanted”or should not be there at an early stage. There are numerous reasons why these “enemies” appears. Environmental pollutions, chemical toxin, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking and alcohol are just few of these reasons. Before jumping into remedies and solutions, it is best to check our lifestyle if it contributed to premature aging. One of the effective technique to consider is in the food, eating nutritious food rich in fibers and antioxidants can be very helpful. We should always remember that rapid process of aging occurs because of toxic build up in the body and free radical attacks.

Free radicals make the skin cells deteriorate and forced to die down and slow the body cells turnover, making the body prone to inflammation and diseases. This can complicate immune system and other internal body function. To avoid the rapid process of free radical attacks, our body needs to revitalize and pampered with antioxidants and other skin vitamins and nutrients. There are some remedies that are all natural and free from chemical ingredients, just look for fruits and vegetables that can be maximized as body massage, facila cleanser or body scrub to have a natural effect to the skin.

The following tips are excellent as Anti-aging remedies:

1. Drink Plenty of water and fruit juices – the body needs constant fluids, inadequate intake of water make the body ruined gradually because of the lost moisture. Toxin and other harmful bacteria can be easily flush out with constant intake of water.

2. Consume Fruits and vegetables – they contained fibers, antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals for proper body functioning. Foods rich with high fibers and antioxidants are apple, grapes, acai berry, pomegranate, oranges, carrots, potato and whole grain foods.

3. Exercise and rest – Brisk walking, jogging and other body stretching regimen are very helpful in maintaining elastic skin. Enough rest is very helpful because it help the body regained lost energy while sleeping or resting, it allows tired muscles to relax.

4. Take supplements – supplements are very helpful in maintaining healthy body and skin and prevent the rapid process of aging. Vitamin C and A are perfect combination to stay young, they are powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C increases collagen, the tissue that gives our skin a radiant and glowing look, vitamin A quickly renew skin cells and prevent deterioration in skin tissues.

5. Fruits as body spa-mashed banana with honey is known in the Philippines as the best body rejuvenating combination, it helps the skin bring back its sagging texture due to wrinkles and premature aging. Avocado is a perfect cleanser, you have to mix it with fresh milk to be more effective.

These home tips are best remedies to fight aging effect. These can reap positive result if coupled with healthy lifestyle.