Antioxidants Supplements May Give Us a Fighting Chance

Good health is often determined by a good environment, as well as great foods. A high dose of antioxidants can give us a fighting chance in spite of some ‘not-so-good’ environments. How is this so?
Oxidization and free radicals from ‘hazardous elements’ that we eat, drink and breath can break down our health. Just like automobiles need protection to keep from rusting (oxidizing) so our bodies need antioxidants to fight the affects of free radicals and oxidization in our bodies.
Antioxidants come in many foods such as cranberries, blueberries, ginseng and many other fruits and berries. There have been a number of drinks over the last two decades that have had a concentration of these antioxidants in them. Noni products have an ORAC score (a rating method of antioxidant content in foods) of 525 per ounce, acai scored 692 per ounce, mangosteen scored 1010 per ounce and the newest product, Jus, 8,687 per ounce. All of these drinks can add additional antioxidants to our diet. Since most Americans are very busy and have little time to eat like they should and/or the environment is less than perfect, these kinds of supplements can be real lifesavers
We can get the antioxidants in the fruits, vegetables, berries, and herbs in our diets. The truth is, most of us do not have the time to eat ’14 servings’ of these foods that we are supposed to consume everyday. We need help. These antioxidant juice supplements may be an answer for those that find themselves short of time or in an unhealthy environment.
Without antioxidants our bodies weaken by the free radicals and we are more susceptible to various diseases. The results of excessive free radicals in our system can cause susceptibility to heart disease, various forms of cancer, chronic degenerative diseases, cell destruction as well as other negative results in our bodies. High doses of antioxidants have been known to even reverse these affects. Increased energy and reduced inflammation are often added benefits reported from those that take these kinds of supplements. With the kinds of lifestyles that Americans live, these kinds of drinks may be a welcome addition to our diets and give us a ‘fighting chance’ against the free radicals that we eat, drink or breathe everyday.