Can Acai Berry Help with Weight Loss – Does Acai Berry Help You Lose Weight

Can Acai Berry Help with Weight Loss – Does Acai Berry Help You Lose Weight

So if you’ve noticed recently there has been a huge upsurge in the popularity of the nutrient rich superfood Acai berries. The question is does Acai berry help you lose weight or is this just another fad? In this article I’m going to reveal the actual truth regarding Acai berries. You’ll be surprised to know the truth, when I answer the question does Oprah’s new diet work?

What’s so special about Acai Berries?

They are rich in Anti-oxidants which can help slow the aging process and reduce the development of disease such as cancer. Acai berries also provide a welcome array of nutrients deficient in many peoples diets including B vitamins, Essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 and some minerals.

As far as their fat burning effects, these are mainly a result of the complete package of nutrients that Acai berries are capable of offering, however the amount needed per day to have any significant result is pricey. To achieve any functional effect from acai juice you need to consume an amount that will cost you roughly per day depending on which brand you go with. Even then you shouldn’t expect anything proufoundly groundbreaking, just some more energy and lowered risk of disease, for fat burning it will be minimal at best. The key is in using a product that has more than just acai.

So does Oprah’s new diet work?

Well if you consider the fact that the Acai Diet involves drinking a fiber shake every day, its no surprise people are losing weight. The colon cleansing fiber shake alone will help you lose significant amounts of weight. When you also use an acai supplement that includes other natural fat burning compounds such as this one here, you will lose far more weight than just consuming acai alone.

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It’s a serious misconception that just drinking acai juice with no other dietary changes, supplementation or exercise can do everything. Its a combined effort that creates huge results!

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