Can Acai Juice Help With Depression?

Acai juice has been around for centuries. Many cultures have used acai juice and acai berries for curing many ailments. Acai juice provides many benefits to a person who consistently drinks the supplement. One ailment it may help with is depression. Some of the ingredients found in acai are said to help promote a well being and an inner sense of peace. One of the key ingredients which is found in Acai juice is Goji berries. Goji berries have been used in medicine for many years. The Goji fruit has been nicknamed “The Happy Berry”.

The Goji fruit contains a nutrient called Betaine. Betaine is used by the liver to help produce a compound named Choline. Choline is a compound that has many different uses. Choline helps bodybuilders gain muscle mass, helps strengthen people’s memory, helps people deal with anxiety, helps with erectile dysfunction, sexual stamina, and helps people achieve a peaceful state of mind. Studies have shown that most people are alert and focused when taking a healthy amount of Choline. Choline is what gave the Goji berry it’s nickname ” The Happy Berry”.

Acai juice does not only contain Goji fruit but the juice also contains Mangosteen and of course the Acai berry. Both of these fruits help the body get rid of toxins and help prevent diseases from starting. The overall effects of drinking Acai Juice on a consistent basis will not only help keep you healthy, it will also give put you in a better state of mind. So yes I believe Acai Juice can help with mild states of depression.