Can Vemma Reps Grow Faster Than Monavie Reps?

Some People might wonder what is Monavie? Monavie is a network marketing program very similar to Vemma with a compensation plan very close to Vemma’s. The way you make money in Monavie is the same as in Vemma, by signing up reps that buy product.


Monavie has a berry called acai that makes their product unique just like Vemma has the Mangosteen. Both products were launched very close to the same time within a couple of months from each other. All of us Vemma reps have a lot of competition, but it seems Monavie is the one of the greatest. We Vemma Reps know that our product is a far superior one because you get all the daily vitamins besides all the antioxidants.


So as a Vemma Rep I put a goal to put more reps in my Vemma business than any one Monavie distributor can do in one year. I feel like all of us Vemma Reps should be determined to do the same. One thing I found out is that it is much easier to put a Vemma rep in before they get introduced to Monavie. The Monavie business has had greater sales than Vemma for the past two years, putting more pressure on all of us Vemma Reps to do our job. We really do have a better product with better selling points (Like Verve and the 2 oz. sample bottles that Monavie does not have).


             I know by me putting more Vemma Reps in my business is only going to pay off in the end and will all be worth while. Now most of you will be laughing saying “To put that many Vemma Reps in my business is my goal also,” so, what am I doing that you are not that makes me so 100% sure that I can put so many Vemma Reps in my Vemma business in one year?


 I am nobody special but I do know a few tricks of the trade that I show all my down line that I know without a doubt work for anyone who is willing to work extra hard for one year at putting Vemma reps in their business. I want more Vemma Reps in Vemma than any network marketing program out there so starting right now 7-20-2008 I am willing to work with all Vemma Reps if they are in my down line or not, but I must have a your commitment that you will put at least ten hours a week using my program (That I along with thousands of others know will work, if you will use it.) I not talking about maybe in one year you’ll have hundreds of Vemma Reps but I telling you that if you are determined to have more Vemma Reps than any Monavie distributor you can do that.


 I care about all Vemma Reps and am committed to your success so I put a website up where you can receive a FREE report that will help you succeed also.