Celebrities and People in the Know Drink Acai Juice

Juice from the acai berry is a trendy ingredient in fabulous health supplements and drinks of the rich and famous, from Hollywood movie stars to athletes and more. Acai berry fruit contains a single large seed. The exocarp turns into green or dark purple when the berries are ripe. The color, however, depends on the maturity of the plant fruit and its type. The mesocarp or fleshy portion or part of acai berry that contains pulp, is of uniform thickness. On the other hand, about 80% of Acai fruit is taken by the endocarp.

Research has also proven that Acai berry does not have any side effects. Hence, consumption of Acai berry is not at all harmful. As Acai berry has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time, further research is carried out to what makes Acai berry such an amazing fruit. But hang on, before your excitement levels pierce through the ceiling, here is some bad news for you people. Unfortunately Acai fruit is very perishable and it only grows in the Amazon rain forest. So you won’t be able to taste fresh Acai fruit at a store near you or a fruit market unless you live in the Amazon. But as they say after every bad news, we get a good one, Acai fruit is no exception. For all those who don’t live in the Amazon, Acai berry can be turned into powder by freezing it dry and it contains all the nutritional power that a fresh Acai berry has.

Many people love acai juice with its high nutrient content and antioxidants that aid in health improvements of many kinds from heart disease to anti aging benefits. In fact, here’s an insider’s look at …

Celebrities & Athletes Who Enjoy Acai Juice

1) Oprah – This television superstar talk show hostess extraordinaire actually endorses the Acai Berry on her site.

2) Kelly Slater – This professional super surfer, nine times World Champion enjoys acai with her breakfast.

3) Rajon Rondo – NBA Championship Basketball Player for the Boston Celtics, this gent enjoy acai, too.

4) Steve Burton – This “General Hospital” actor along with fellow acai juice promoter with actors from the set love the stuff.

5) Matthew McConaughey – This actor like a bowl of acai topped with granola and banana slices.

6) Mariano Rivera – This New York Yankees Baseball pro is the spokesman for Purple drink with Acai and loves the health benefits of the drink.

7) Chaka Khan – This American singer and Grammy Award winner eight times over is another spokeswoman for Purple drink with Acai. “The drink helps with handling stress and a hectic lifestyle.

8) Trista & Ryan – After hooking up on the reality TV show “The Bachelorette,” this couple, AKA “America’s Favorite Newlyweds,” share a joy for acai juice as well as each other.

9) Sanoe Lake – Superstar model, actor and surfer, Sanoe has been drinking acai for many years ad notes a big difference due to the healthy drink qualities.

10) Bobby Kelty, JD Drew, David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez – All these well-known Boston Red Sox love acai juice, too.

11) Bethany Hamilton – Another famous athlete surfer loves the antioxidant properties of acai products and enjoys them regularly.

12) Rob Machado – And another famous athlete surfer love acai bowls for more energy throughout the day.

13) Bob Burnquist – This well-known athlete skateboarder prefers Sambazon Acai as the ultimate energy food.

14) Torii Hunter – Famous baseball player of the Los Angeles, this spokesperson for acai drink Purple loves the drink’s great and how it makes him feel.

15) Michael Saucedo – Famous actor is another acai fan.

16) Andrew Ference – Famous athlete NHL Hockey Player also loves acai, considering it a staple on the grocery list.

So see what you think! Give acai health juice a try. Nothing to lose.