Certified Acai – Does it actually work?

Certified Acai – Fact or Fictional Weight Loss

Most New Year’s resolutions include getting fit and staying healthy. Certified Acai can help you do just that. The acai berry (pronounced a-sigh-ee) is about the size of a grape and deep purple in color. Although it is very popular in Brazil, and grows in the Amazon Rainforest, the super fruit has only recently caught on in America. It has exploded with popularity. With all the great benefits I can see why. Not to mention the additional added benefits, younger looking skin, additional antioxidants, it is 100% natural, and the list goes on!

With that said, it is 100% natural and it contains acai berry extract, milk thistle, dandelion, senna, slippery elm, and ginger (to name a few). This product increases your energy level and raises your metabolism, in turn helping you stay fit and slim without an energy or sugar crash later on. I don’t know about you, but that is essential to me. It also has high levels of natural antioxidants which we can all benefit from.

Many celebrities such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Diane Lane, Meryl Streep and Diane Hutton use Certified Acai to get the energy boost they need. Many more Hollywood stars are turning to it as well, it is increasingly becoming popular. Acai is also known to rejuvenate the skin. What a great added bonus!

Not only do they offer a free trial but with the free trial you get a free gift pass to LiveLeanforLife which is a weight loss and management plan. They have online support systems and online in depth weight loss and management seminars. You will soon have complete control over your eating habits and cravings. You will have more energy and you won’t feel deprived. I recommend the free trial, all you pay is shipping and handling.

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