Change of Attitude is as Important as a Change in Weight

Change Of Attitude Is As Important As A Change In Weight

“Hello, my name is Laurie, and I overeat!” Researchers warn us that obesity has reached
epidemic proportions in North America. We are eating ourselves to death, or in some cases
starving ourselves to death as a reaction against it. Either extreme is an abuse of our bodies.

I wouldn’t dream of piercing my body with a nose ring, eye brow ring, tongue piercing or getting tattoos or using recreational drugs. I did get in the habit of eating too much, far too often, and deliberately eating junk food. Does that sound familiar?

I was “self-medicating” with food to relieve feelings of frustration and depression. I was also a recreation eater besides! Any time spent with a group of people was an occasion for eating. Researchers tell us that “comfort food” and “junk food” can become almost anything a person wants it to be: a drug, a companion, a defense and shield, a comforter.

The self-abuse of overeating does more than just make our clothes tight; it harms our bodies. I found myself sunk in self-loathing that created depression and despair. When I overate I felt very tired and took long naps, waking up with a headache and sore joints.

How To Change Your Attitude

* Stop putting fat pictures of yourself on the fridge as a deterrent to eat.

* Stop wearing sloppy T-shirts and sweatsuits.

* Stop wearing pajamas all day.

* Stop locking yourself in the house. Go out. You are not a prisoner.

* Start wearing make-up.

* Start ironing your clothes.

* Learn how to take care of your hair.

* Post inspirational thoughts, scriptures, poems on the fridge.

* Make a daily effort to look in the mirror and smile. A feeling of well-being can come as a result of exercising control and discipline in caring for our bodies.

You don’t need to be bound in self-hate and self-indulgence!

I resolve to get off the couch and get my body in motion. I just told myself that I could take a little walk each day. This accomplished several things: 1.getting me dressed 2. getting me out of the house 3. getting fresh air and natural light

I began organizing my house, stocking my kitchen cupboards with healthful foods including the acai puree/juice thoughtfully blended with 19 fruits in a beneficial health promoting drink. I no longer needed to order fast-food for supper. I established a house of order, clean, and uplifting instead of cluttered and depressing,

I found when I changed my attitude making a course correction with my diet came naturally. Omega 3,6,9 is found in the acai berry. I always knew that Essential Fatty Acids are important but I didn’t know why. EFA’s are fatty acids that our body needs to function that we need to get in our diet. My energy increased, my cholesterol levels improved, chronic inflammation was eliminated and my health improved. My headaches went away when I stopped eating sugar.

Health rather than an unrealistic body size and weight should serve as our motivation.

Fruits that Help Reduce Anxiety and Depresion

Passion Fruit from Brazil

  • excellent source of vitamin A and C
  • potassium ,and sodium (500 mg is the recommended daily allowance)
  • good source of iron
  • magnesium ( 400 milligrams is the recommended daily allowance), niacin, phosphorus
  •  fiber

Helpful for: lowering blood pressure, urinary tract infection, chronic inflammation, sedative for insomnia, supress spasm, anti-anxiety, relieves depression, and asthma.

Camu Camu from Japan

  • potassium
  • flavoids
  • vitamin C
  • amino acids

Beneficial for: immune disfunction, mood disorders, viral infection, bacterial funtion. Improves mood, fights depression, increases energy levels.


  • vitamin B and C
  • potassium (recommended daily for an adult 4,700 milligrams)
  • magnesium (calcium and potassium cannot be absorbed without it)
  • sucrose, fructose, glucose
  • fibre

Beneficial for: sleep and nervous system health, blood cell health, boost of energy,









Glass of MonaVie with Acai Berries