Do You Want to be Healthy?

Pure Acai Berry

The Good Doctor Asks: “Do you want to be healthy?”

Are you tired of dreadful migraines? How is your blood pressure? Do you have a history of cancer in your family? Come on in to the Great Product Place. The good doctor is here. The good doctor says: “Drink with your health in mind.” “Fight back with anthocyanins,” and that doesn’t mean drink lots of wine and smoke like a chimney. The good doctor wants to know if you get your health guidance from the mainstream media. It goes like this: “The healthiest way to live is to guzzle red wine and drown everything in olive oil. You might elegantly call it the “French paradox” or the “Mediterranean diet.” The good doctor says there is a better way to get these valuable phytochemicals than guzzling wine and drowning in oil. He also says: “An apple a day does not keep the doctor away. You would do better with wild blueberries, green peppers, spinach, broccoli, and cranberries. You should also add cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, and dried oregano. “Don’t worry about the apple it comes with its own set of features and benefits. Variety and color is the key to good health. Don’t forget the recommended “5-a-day.” If you are eating “5-a-day” and most people aren’t, ask yourself is “5-a-day” enough? Do you basically just eat apples, bananas and oranges and treat yourself to grapes once a week. The good doctor knows what sells the most in the stores. You can’t hide what you are eating. OK if you’re from Trinidad you might eat mangoes. When the berries are in season you might eat strawberries, cherries, blueberries etc.

The good doctor wants to know if you heard about the Amazon Rainforest secret?

No it’s not the mangosteen, it grows in Asia. No it’s not the noni, it grows in the Polynesian Islands. The good doctor says: “If you don’t know what you don’t know therefore be learning from others.” This is the secret, Acai. Can you pronounce it? Try this (ah-saH’-ee). Have some fun with it. Acai is the fruit of a palm tree that grows in the rainforests of the Amazon – a tree Brazilians call “The Tree of Life.” About 90 percent of the small, round fruit is its hard, inedible pit. It’s the outside skin that holds the treasure. That dark purple skin is what contains the anthocyanins. Did you hear that word before? You heard it from the good doctor. He said: “Fight back with anthocyanins.” I told the good doctor that you want him to speak English. He said it’s time you expand your vocabulary so you can improve your health. He wants you to learn about antioxidants. Anthocyanins are members of the flavonoid class of antioxidants. The Acai fruit imparts health benefits associated with consumption of foods high in antioxidants, such as reduced risk or prevention of chronic and oxidative stress related disorders. Remember the questions you were asked when you entered the Great Product Place. The door to another world of healing just opened to you. The good doctor shared his secret. He feels his mission is accomplished. The rest is up to you. When you leave the Great Product Place don’t forget the good doctor’s words: “Fight back with Acai Berry.”

The good doctor also wants you to know about the importance of Omega 3,6,9. They are (Essential Fatty Acids) EFA’s . Your body can’t produce them and they are essential. You can find EFA’s in tuna, mackerel, and salmon but you might get some mercury also. DHA is one type of omega 3 fatty acid that is crucial for brain development that is found in breastmilk. EPA is another type of omega 3 fatty acid that is crucial for brain function in breastmilk, fatty fish (cold water wild fish) and algae. The most important thing to know about DHA and EPA is you need to get them in your diet. There are some food sources for omega 3’s such as flax, soybean, walnut, but these contain ALA (alpa-linolenic acid) which doesn’t have the same health benefits as EPA. Only 20% converts to EPA and DHA. Many people are dificient in the enzymes needed for the conversion, so you might be getting flax, but still end up deficient in EFA’s.  If you drink the Acai Berry 19 juice blend, then you will be sure to get the fatty acids needed for brain function.

Acai Berries in the palm tree