Does anyone have any good info. on Acai berry supplements?

Question by we2shandapanda: Does anyone have any good info. on Acai berry supplements?
I have read a lot of good things about acai berry supplements online, but you never know if these things you read are true or if that person got paid to say those good things. So, if anyone has used these products, please let me know. I have a 30 day free trial coming this week. What should I expect? I am trying both the supplements & the colon cleanse.

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Answer by Kimbi
its full of bull. those sites lie to sell products. i thought hey, a free trial wont hurt. wrong. they said along with the acai supplement, i shuld get 30 minutes of exercise and eat a healthy diet. that alone would help me tone up and loose weigth, the pill would do nothing. so i gave the acai supplement trial to my friend who is bigger and wanted to loose weight. it did absolutely nothing. to top it off, i recieved an email saying that they were billing me the full $ 60 because my free trial was up and i never sent the bottle back. which was odd becasue they never said anything about this, i figured a free trial meant they would send me trial size. i lucked out because i payed the S&H on the trial on a prepaid visa giftcard that had no money left, so they couldnt take my money. be careful!

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