Don’t patronize me yahoo family, but seriously -?

Question by Khandi: Don’t patronize me yahoo family, but seriously -?
how can the government allow the sale/exploiting of acai berries (a fruit, herbal supplement from the earth), when it has side effects, such as: high metobolism & weight lose?
However, the government has illegalized the sale of marijuana (a plant, an herb from the earth), that has side effects as well – I mean it’s not ‘our’ fault this herb affects people differently, right? Even if they do kill and act crazy behind it. Look at the sudden rise of acai berry product on our market. People are lying and doing what they can to push it to the consumers. What’s the difference? They both are natural herbs, with distinguishing side affects for different people, and are being pushed for money. I’m just saying…
Whose to say everyone loses weight using ‘acai berry products’, and whose to say everyone experience the same affect when using ‘marijuana’? apparently the latter is good for something because if it wasn’t, then why California legalize it for ‘medicinal’ use? makes you go mmmmm, someone is getting paid regardless…

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Answer by Trish
Honestly because fighting obesity is a common goal and getting high isn’t.

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