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www.myacaiberry.net ONLY USD – ACT NOW! Acai berry is one of the most nourishing drinks your money can buy. Its produced with acai berries and evidently it has more antioxidants than some other food known to mankind. The Acai berry is getting very popular among superfoods, being a supporting supplementation that works very well for antiaging. This berry is growing in the Amazon woods and is high with minerals and vitamins that benefit your health and well-being. It carries 3 times more polyphenol compared to wine and 4.6 times more anthocyanin than blueberries, and a content called cyanidin 3-rutinoside (C3R) that is obtained in the berry offers a larger anti-oxidant effect than carotenoid. So, Acai berry is one of the most strong antioxidant fruits you can perhaps see in the nature. Before you go away to buy acai berry supreme or any different acai berry product, you truly want to acknowledge that many acai products are rather reduced. Its important to recognize that raw acai berry is thicker than water and many of these acai berry products dont contain enough acai berry fruit to even make any type of nutritionary difference at all. And on the other side, other acai products have so much other stuff added, its not funny anymore, so keep hands off from bad products, they wont make any good for you. While many of these acai berry juices taste distasteful (probably there was something added to the product) and several could taste like some cool-aid (probably watered down