Foods for healthy skin

Get the anti-aging, skin-glowing power of super foods without the super price tag.

Celebrities and supermodels can afford to load their trolleys with expensive Goji berries and purple tomatoes. But the secret to super-sizing your anti-aging intake is to think vitamins and antioxidants rather than relying on individual foods. Most new-fangled additions to your diet are just convenient ways to do these four simple things:

Increase your vitamin C intake

Up your levels of antioxidants

Add more vitamin E to your diet

Make you eat more Omega 3 oils

Here’s how to do this without existing on pricey Mangosteen smoothies:

Expensive Super Food – Acai and Goji berries

These two anti-aging powerhouse berries contain high levels of antioxidants, the chemicals that neutralise internal skin oxidation. Berries also contain high levels of vitamin C.

Substitute Super Food – Frozen berries from the supermarket

All red coloured berries provide high levels of antioxidants as well as vitamin C. Next time you’re in your local supermarket, grab a bag of delicious frozen mixed berries for just a couple of pounds or a few dollars. Add them to smoothies, blend them with natural yogurt or just defrost them in the fridge overnight to eat with your breakfast.

Expensive Super Food – Mangosteen

A peach-like fruit all the way from Asia, the Mangosteen is one of the latest super fruits. Its devotees claim that it works wonders with skin conditions. With no evidence one way or the other, it’s possible that this fruit is being over-hyped as the next best thing since sliced Goji berries.

Substitute Super Food – Carrots

The high levels of vitamin A in the humble carrot mean it’s great for skin and overall health. The bright orange colour also means it’s packed full of lovely antioxidants. Compared with the pricey Asian peach, the lovely local carrot is a tried and tested food for lovely skin. Try to eat it raw when possible, and fresh carrot juice (not the bottled kind) is surprisingly tasty and above all, cheap.

Expensive Super Food – Salmon

Delicious and so good for you, salmon is a super-fish that contains a high level of omega 3 oils. It’s also said by certain anti-aging experts to plump up’ the skin if eaten constantly (that’s every meal for a minimum of 3 days!). The jury is out on this claim, but most of us aren’t going to go that far anyway.

Substitute Super Food – Mackerel

As cheap as chips but a lot more healthy. About half the price of salmon, this oily fish still has lashings of