Foods that fight aging – Part 3

Vitamins can help the body from aging. Vitamins are like food to the body. Vitmains rich in Omega 3, and fish oil, are one of the few vitamin that may help the aging process.

The most important fruit that I have done research on is a fruit blend called Mona Vie. Free radicals are found naturally in our bodies. When they are present in our bodies, the unbalanced starts a chain reaction of robbing missing components from our healthy cells.

The outcome is called Oxidative stress that causes unusual things to happen in our bodies.

Uncontrolled Free Radical Activity has been known to have a major impact on:

* Alzheimer’s

* Cancer

* Arthritis

* Parkinson’s

* Strokes

* Heart Disease

We need to realize that all of these major illnesses, play a roll, ineffecting the aging of our bodies.

Free Readical Generators are from many different sources. Here are a few:

* Preservatives

*Foods that are high in fat

* Emotional, and physical stress

* Excessive alcohol

* Air Pollution

* Cigerette Smoke

Mona Vie has the Acai berry in in which is the crownn jewel. This magnificient berry is a deep purple, that grows in the top of palm trees, in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. It’s better than an egg for protein, fatty acids like olive oil,more antioxidents than red wine.


*Anti-aging Support

* Better sleep

These magnificant berries has been studied, and have many testimonies of people experincing renewed energy, this lead to stronger immune systems, which helps us feel vitalize and well,and youthful.

Every know illness starts from imflammation, so it makes sense to think that aging must cause this also, and if we could make a big impact on reducing imflammation, the aging process would slow down. This hopefully will lead many people to age with dignity, that are attached by long years.

This fruit has been proven to help improve mental clarity. When mental clarity if good, chances are we will minimize our chances of getting this disease called Alzheimer’s. This can help our golden years be golden.

Mona Vie is a blend of 19 fruits, when all these fruits are blended all together, it is packed with added nutruiets such as Glucosamine, and essential fatty acids. Glucosame helps it maintain good joint control. Essential fatty acids control adds to the Glucosamine to help lubricate the joints, which will inturn reduce pain due to inflamation.

Acia berry has been known to be #1 super food in the world.

Testimonies from the world famous fruit, is not a cure,