Forte Juice

Forte is a juice beverage which combines fruits from different parts of the world; most notably, the acai berry with the addition of pomegranate; blueberry; and luo han guo. What is the acai berry specifically, and what benefits does Forte juice offer in general?

Açai is a palm berry native to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. It has been a staple in Amazonian diets for centuries. Açai possesses exceptional health properties, as well as a unique flavor that is comparable to boysenberry or cherry with chocolate overtones. Known as the “fruit of life,” the acai berry pulp contains antioxidants that prevent cellular damage from free radicals that can lead to a number of degenerative health conditions. It also contains a very high concentration of anthocyanins, the antioxidants that give grapes and red wine their many health benefits and rich purple color. Anthocyanins appear to have therapeutic effects in conditions such as: diabetes, and some inflammatory conditions of the central nervous system. They may also protect against negative reactions to radiation and chemotherapy. Açai is also a great source of dietary fiber and phytosterols, which help promote the health of the cardiovascular and digestive systems and reduce unhealthy blood cholesterol levels.

The other antioxidant included in Forte juice is called luo han guo. Meaning long life fruit, luo han guo has been traditionally used for centuries in China for its healing properties as well as its sweet flavor. Studies have found that luo han guo exhibits anti-tumor properties. In addition to acai and luo han guo, the other ingredients in Forte include pomegranate and blueberry. Thus, the combination of these four legendary fruits which make up Forté can afford you and your family health benefits other juice products cannot provide. Pomegranate is another rich source of antioxidants, which has been beneficial in slowing down cancer growth as well as aiding in preventing cardiovascular disease. Blueberries have not only been shown to reduce oxidation in smokers, but have improved memory as well. In addition, studies conclude that blueberries may also prevent cardiovascular disease.

Because açaí contains a concentration of antioxidants, it is probably one of the richest fruit sources known. This is important because the use of antioxidants have the ability to diminish damaging free radicals, slow down the aging process, and protect against many diseases. The major source of antioxidants in açaí is anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are the chemical components that give the intense color to many fruits and vegetables. Healthful fatty acids are another feature of açaí. The fatty acid component of this fruit, while similar to olive oil, is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid. Research shows that this fat has the potential to support the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Therefore, Forte juice has become quite popular due to its antioxidant ingredients. Further, açai not only provides increased energy and stamina; immune system support, and support for a healthy heart and digestion, but is being touted as the perfect drink in which you and your family will derive health benefits unlike other juices offered today.