Free Acai Berry Deals Are Everywhere

The acai berry has seen its popularity grow enormously over the last year. Oprah Winfrey, along with Dr. OZ and Rachel Ray are likely most responsible for bringing this fabulous fruit into the public eye. As is with any high profile celebrity supporting something, the common public has jumped all over this. With these kinds of endorsements, it’s no wonder this superfood is being talked about every where you look. You’re probably questioning if there is anything to this, or if it’s all hoopla.

Believe it or not, all the hoopla that is going on about acai berries is for the most part true. The berry is simply remarkable and is one of the most nourishing fruits known to exist on our planet. It is an outstanding source of Vitamin C while containing the polyphenols rutin, catechins, and anthocyanins. These are likely nutrients you have never heard of. That’s alright, all you have to remember is that they help protect delicate tissues from free radical attack. Healthy looking skin is the result of these nutrients, which is good for you.

Your immune system will get plenty of assistance due to all of the antioxidants and nutrients found in acai berries. It was learned a long time ago by Brazilian natives that this berry had the power to boost health and vitality, all while having a very pleasant taste. It also regulates NO production and healthy vascular response to tension. This has a significant impact regarding the support of blood vessels and a healthy heart. As you can see, this fruit is really good for you.

By now, it is probably safe to say you’ve seen all forms of advertisements that offer a free bottle of acai berry. The catch, if there is one, is that you’ll be required to pay a small shipping and handling fee to acquire that free bottle. When you agree to this free bottle, you are usually put into a continuity arrangement with the merchandiser. What this means is you will be sent another bottle at full cost along with shipping and handling charges usually once every month. Your credit card is automatically charged for this procedure. It will be up to you to cancel this arrangement, so don’t forget to do this if you don’t want to receive any more bottles.

To sum it all up, the acai berry is a real superfood that features a lot of solid qualities. And yes, you can actually receive a free bottle from numerous good companies. So many companies are now offering the free bottle deal, that you could receive a free bottle each month of the year just by ordering from a different merchant. The main thing to remember is you have to cancel the automated shipping arrangement that you have to enter into. If you forget, your fees are going to add up rapidly.