Help on Acai Berry weight loss products?

Question by mpy1993: Help on Acai Berry weight loss products?
I have been researching acai berry products for the past 4 days.
I am not sure which ones will actually work. If you have experience with these products I would love your help.
These products are the ones I have found most promising:
Nature’s Garden Acai Supreme Plus
Garden Greens Super AcaiBlast
Nature’s Secret Acai Power Berry Pure-Body Cleanse
Garden Greens AcaiCleanse 48 Hour Acai Berry Detox

Which one of these are the best, most effective (if any)?
Do you have any suggestions/advice?

I eat well and exercise, I just need that extra push.

Thank you very much for all of your help.

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Answer by crimcowl
None of this stuff is effective and the stuff that MAY work will only give a boost of about 5% and has a number of troublesome side effects.

Acai is the new snake oil and the blog and other websites you see are just todays snake oil salemen

Dr Oz or Oprah never endorsed the stuff (have a look at her website for details) and there are no clinical studies showing the effectiveness of these product and most online offers are financial scams.

Just stay away from the stuff.. its a waste of money.

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