How can I lose weight quickly and effectively?

Question by Zethian: How can I lose weight quickly and effectively?
I’ve decided that at over 11st, I need to lose some weight. I’ve tried dieting, but stayed the EXACT same weight throughout the entire thing. I also excercise regularly, such as long brisk walks and 2 hours of exercise at the gym once a week. I’ve seen all these ads for stuff like the Acai Berry and Colon Cleanser and stuff like that. But the problem is that at 15 years I can’t buy anything or make dramatic changes to my lifestyle because I have to fir things around my parents and my school, so extreme dieting or continuous exercise won’t help me, and my parents won’t allow me to buy or use products in stores of from the net despite any reviews. I’d like to drop a couple dress sizes as in around 7 months it will be Prom, and then the summer. Can anybody advise me n how best to lose weight, or if there is a reason why I’m not losing any weight at all?

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Answer by tomasemilio
dude, i’ve struggled for years to answer that question. well, i’m gonna have to say that i’ve found a really effective way to do so, and the best thing is that it really suits lifestyles, because i could tell, ok go the gym every day for 5 hours and sure you’ll have ripped abs and so on. But for busy people, who have a life like me there’s an easier way.
First , diet is the most important factor, I don’t want to talk about the scientific facts, i would spend the whole day here. What you have to do is eat no carbs, no more than 50 grams (avoid sugar please) for 3 days, and drink a lot of water, and if possible try to eat often, and shut meals down at night. Don’t you really worry about calories, you will find yourself eating less than usual, because avoiding carbs makes you feel full, really. But the MOST important thing here is your fourth day. Don’t skip it, it’s important. So 3 days of no carbs and then you have a day where you have to eat carbs, try to go with good carbs though, like non refined carbs. if not, don’t worry, you can cheat, but it would be better to do it early in the day. you know brown rice, etc.. have a nice day with a big lasagna or soemthing, don’t you think that you could skip this step, if you do so, your metabolism will go down, and it could be REALLY bad. and finally what i do before a go to bed, i workout, you know, pushups, pullups, i use dumbells, but since i like tone and not size, i don’t do too much weight,, try to reach 30 reps and y go slow and smooth. That’s it, to keep your muscles active and your metabolism high. Hoep it helps, you ‘ll find yourself much better, don’t trust the scale, trust your eyes. good luck

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