How do I cancel my acai pure and acai extreme?

Question by Ellie Lex: How do I cancel my acai pure and acai extreme?
Hi so how do I cancel both of my acai products? I’ve tried sending emails but it never get any replies. I’ve tried searching for numbers to call but i’m not sure which numbers to call since none of them are the exact products i got. Can anyone help?? I also get this small spray thing that comes with my acai pure, which I didn’t really order

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Answer by Salerio
Look, you learnt a lesson. There are no morals in the alt med crowd. All they are in it for is to take money from guileless, don’t pay for rubbish that a good diet and a bit of exercise will do for you. I see someone else is already on your case “don’t try that, go for my website and we’ll peddle colonic cleansing or heavy metals”. Is there really no honour amongst thieves?

Cancel you bank card, do a charge back and hope your bank will stop paying the charlatans.

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