How to eat healthy

Many people today strive to eat healthier and are putting forth more of an effort to do so. We are becoming more informed about healthy choices, but at the same time may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that is out there. The number of websites, books and diets alone are massive and may cause one to feel bombarded by it all. Case in point, entering “eating healthy” into your Google search bar can result in 2,810,000 results. So if you were to navigate that search you would probably be looking for a site that will present an easy to implement, simple, quick and effective plan for eating healthy that is realistic for you to stick with long term.

Having floundered about, trying to find a plan that works for me for many years and often “falling off the wagon” if you will, I feel I have finally found a simple plan that does work for me, a past, self-confessed junk food junkie. I am not an expert in this field, I am just a consumer wanting to make healthier choices like many of you. I hope the following 3 simple tips can help someone else as they have for myself.

One of the main things that I have found to be a great help in eating healthier is to primarily shop at health food-type grocery stores. If you are having a rough day and are craving potato chips or chocolate, you can buy those things but they will most likely be low fat chips or the healthier dark chocolate, for instance. In other words, if you only put yourself in that type of store, your choices are going to have to be healthier ones. Additionally, I have found that these types of stores have better quality produce, as well as hard to find, healthy items such as Acai juice. Yes, in some cases these stores can also cost more to shop at but there are reasonable ones out there. For instance, Sunflower Farmers Markets, found primarily in the West half of the country ( has great prices on produce, salad dressings, a wide variety of teas, herbs and supplements, and provide a wonderful, free magazine regarding healthy living. Also, as most of us know, Trader Joes is great as well. They have great prices on healthy cereals, juices, fish and wonderful prepared meals, such as their Country Italian Salad with white beans for protein (one of my favorites) that can be a fabulous, filling, yet healthy lunch.

Another healthy eating tip is to make your own smoothies. If you are like me, by mid-morning you are starving. The problem is, when I am starving I tend to make