Is Extreme Acai Berry a Scam? ?

Question by AK: Is Extreme Acai Berry a Scam? ?
I came across the free trail for Extreme Acai Berry. Everything sounded a little too good to be true. I read it’s Term and Condition. I thought I will give it a try and 14 days I will call in to cancel if I don’t like it. After I place my free trial order, I then came across a link called “ pissed off consumer” something that sort, in there, everyone talked about it is a scam and it doesn’t work….now I feel like I made a stupid mistake. Please tell me if you ever tried this Extreme Acai Berry product? Does it work? Their website is and their customer service number is 1877-350-8480 which you have a stay on hold for a long time…. Thanks!!!

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Answer by Allison Blackwood
Firstly, Acai berries do help you lose weight. That’s a fact. If you want Acai berry based products then you should make sure you get them from trusted sources.

The first of the two Acai Berry Scams or perhaps deceptive advertising schemes is a pyramid scheme. This scheme requires you to pay a lot of money up front in order to own a franchise to sell Acai berry juice, pills or extracts. Don’t fall for this! The only way you’ll make any money from the scheme is by referring other people and not by selling products. And that’s a recipe for disaster and the makings of a pyramid scheme. If any program wants you to refer other people to it in order for you to make money it’s very possible that it’s a scam.

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