Is Monavie Safe?

MonaVie manufactures its juices under the strictest Good Manufacturing Practices. Our Acai is processed at a facility in Brazil that is both HACCP and ISO 9001 certified. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is an internationally recognized and recommended approach to food safety that anticipates and prevents hazards associated with ingredients.  ISO 9001 is a set of international standards for both quality management and quality assurance that has been adopted by countries worldwide.
These certifications also are in place at our bottling facility in the U.S.  Additionally, MonaVie has state issued and international issues of Good Manufacturing Practice certificates.  In addition to this we run multiple tests on the product before the blend is sent to the consumers.  A certificate of analysis is a document that accompanies each raw ingredient.  The certificates of analysis are developed according to the specifications written by MonaVie and are compliant to the guidelines of the FDA.  There is a certificate of analysis for the MonaVie flavor system and there are certificate of analysis for every batch of MonaVie finished juice.  MonaVie keeps three bottles from each batch as a batch record. 
There are over 100 different chemicals used in agricultural practices that have been identified as potentially harmful to human health. The finished MonaVie products are rigorously tested for herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides by a third-party independent laboratory.   MonaVie consistently passes with zero levels of the aforementioned chemicals. You can consume MonaVie products with the assurance that they are completely safe.

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