Losing 5 Pounds In A Week

However there are certain underground weight loss tactics which, unknown to many, could accelerate the weight loss process to such a high level that you would find it difficult not to lose at least five pounds of fat in that same week, if not more. So how do you do it? Well that is what this article is all about. Read on to find out the weight loss secret.1. Green Matcha Tea: You have surely heard about the tremendous benefits of green tea with regards to weight loss. It is a known fact that green tea not only helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism but also acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Now if you add a bit of matcha powder to it, the effect could only be mind blowing. Why? Just like the famous acai berry, matcha powder is also rich in antioxidant. 2. PGX: Carb blockers serve a very important function: that of preventing carbs from getting deposited in your body as fat and making you overweight. Carb blockers do this by binding themselves with the carbs your body receives from your food. PGX is one such carb blocker. Even if you don’t eat sugary foods at all, you still need this because even natural foods contain carbs in varying degrees. It is also a good remedy for those who are suffering from Typetwo diabetes. All in all, it is an indispensable tool for your arsenal.Studies have pointed out that when you vary your calorie consumption level instead of restricting it to one fixed percentage, your body has no way of knowing whether to keep your metabolic rate high or low, with the result that it would keep your metabolic rate high at all times just to be on the safe side.

Do I need to tell you that the higher your metabolic rate is, the faster you burn fat and lose weight? The famous diet program FatLossforIdiots is based solely on this ‘calorie shifting’ method of dieting, and no wonder it has so many raving fans around the globe. If you haven’t given it a try yet, I highly recommend you do.