Mona Vie – Is it a Scam?

Ever since Dr Perricone appeared on Oprah and declared the acai berry as the No. 1 “Superfood”, companies have jumped on board promoting this life changing food.

One of the most succesful companies is Mona Vie, the Utah based network marketing giant that in just three and a half years is now turning over $1 billion in annual sales.

Now that maybe all well and good for the founders of Mona Vie and it’s distributors, but does this stuff actually work or is it more smoke and mirrors.

I’ve always been skeptical of ‘foot tapping, palm clapping’ people sitting in a room and claiming that their product and company is the best thing since sliced bread. So I wanted to delve a little deeper. Scratch the surface and get right under the skin.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

Well going by the true defination of a pyramid scheme, Mona Vie does have a product. In fact they have three. The original juice as well as Pulse their latest addition and their number one seller, Active, which not only has the “superfood” acai berry in it but glucosime as well.

So product does move through independant distributors from which money is exchanged.

Therefore Mona Vie is NOT a pyramid scheme.

Does the product work?

Yes cut to the chase. There’s a ton of substances on the market all claiming to cure stuff. Most of it is unfounded. “Cures” occur mainly due to the placibo effect I’m sure in most cases.

But what about Mona Vie? Will it cure cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

NO of course not. And nor does Mona Vie claim their products will cure anything. they are merely marketing a food.

However when you look at the main ingredient acai berry, there are plenty of articles on the wonders of this berry. According to the experts it has the highest ant-oxidant of any fruit on the planet which is great for fighting free radicals; the nasty bugs in you.

Tests by the University of Florida also show that there is some cases where cholesterol has been lowered by consuming acai.

And if that not all and you still need convincing jump onto You Tube and check out some of the testimonials of people taking Mona Vie. There’s even some stories from famous sport stars including Geoff Bodine, the Nascar super champ.

Ok, so who’s behind Mona Vie?

Management of a company is vitally important to it’s long term existance.

Dallin Larsen has had many years running similar companies very successfully; most notable is Usana, another nutritinal supplement giant based in the USA.

Dallin has surrounded himself with a bunch of experts in customer care, distribution and product development all of which has created a billion dollar selling company in just three and a half years in just 6 countries.

The super mlm companies of Amway, Herbalife, Shaklee and Nu Skin never reached those dizzing heights so quickly. And it’s not easy to emulate. Recent 4 year start up Agel is achieving about a tenth of the sales even though they market in approx 40 countries.

So Mona Vie appears to be in very good hands.

After scrating the surface and digging a little deeper I can’t find too much wrong with Mona Vie. The acai berry has some great stories written about it, the company’s operations are strong and the distributor base is growing at a rapid pace.

ona Vie appears to be a company where you can improve your health AND wealth.

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