Monavie: it Will Change Your Life

Monavie is a juice that blends 19 fruits together. While the exact amount of Acai in Monavie is not known (more on this later), MonaVie, Inc states that the Acai Berry is “the foundation of the MonaVie blend” (quoted from “The Premier Acai Blend” – promotional brochure by MonaVie Inc. #8102 1106). Monavie juices come in 25.35 ounce bottles and need to be refrigerated.

The MonaVie line has been expanded to include MonaVie Active – which includes Glucosamine and MonaVie active ge

Mona Vie juice is a blend of 19 fruits. The fruits are – Acai, Apricot, Aronia, Acerola, Purple Grape, Passion Fruit, Camu Camu, Banana, Lychee Fruit, Nashi Pear, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Prune, Wolfberry, Pear, Bilberry, Cranberry, Blueberry and White Grape.

Monavie juices are sold through a multi level marketing (MLM) system – also known as network marketing. Customers who use Monavie are encouraged to become Independent Distributors of the Monavie products. Distributors try to bring in more distributors and get a percentage of every sale made by distributors in their line (upline). MLM has been around for a long time and products such as Amway and Herbal Life are well known examples of multi-level-marketing plans.

While the specifics of the Monavie Compensation plan get very complicated, the general idea is that if you can bring in a network of people to sell Monavie juices, and they sell to their friends, and their friends sell to their friends (and so on and so on) – you will make money.

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