Monavie MLM Home Business – the Only Review You Need to Read

Mona Vie is a company that began in Salt Lake City, Utah. One that focuses on health and nutrition it was started by Dallin Larsen not long ago and promises through the use of a berry extract found in the Brazilian Amazon, a healthier, longer life.

The products of Mona Vie are a series of juices available by purchase. The juice is made from Acai berry found in the Amazon. This berry, incredibly common in Rio de Janerio and throughout Brazil is considered one of the best anti-oxidant super-foods in the world.

Larsen’s company, Mona Vie has combined the use of Acai with other fruits to the end of delicious juices that offer the promise of better health and a boosted immune system. The juices are aimed at reducing hypertension, reducing the risks of heart disease and other chronic illnesses plaguing people today.

With such a range of health benefits, many people are using Mona Vie MLM home business strategies to make some serious supplemental incomes. After all, people have been wildly successful in using health products to earn money.

The compensation plan used by Mona Vie MLM home business affiliates is the use of direct sales. The juices cost about $30 – $40 dollars per 25 oz bottle. Through the use of bulk purchasing, affiliates are able to mark up as much as 15% in order to gain profits. When the product is purchased in bulk, option points are earned and there is more available for purchase by clients under affiliates.

However, the plan and product seem slightly over priced. This type of MLM business is more successful in it’s marketing than in efficiently selling a product.

The tools offered and used my affiliates lack depth in terms of the product and many affiliates have a hart time receiving return customers. The juices lack several vitamins that many people look for in their day-to-day diets and in terms of product, the juice is in general too highly price for what it ultimately offers.

In conclusion, I would say that starting and growing a MonaVie home business is a great opportunity if someone knows how to effectively use the telephone, the Internet, the written word and other effective marketing tools. It’s not a scam, but like any other business, success will be determined by the skill-set of the marketer.

If someone doesn’t have the first clue on how to market effectively, then I would suggest that they should either learn the skills of effectively marketing, or else just become a product user and enjoy the benefits of the health supplement.