Monavie Success? Why Your Current Monavie Marketing is Failing You

Monavie has become one of the most popular home-based businesses for network marketers and since it’s inception in January of 2005, claim to have hit a bench mark of 1 billion dollars in sales. The question is, although Monavie as a company is growing by leaps and bounds and appears to be fiscally sound, what is the average Monavie distributor seeing as a return on their investment?

Participating in the Monavie business opportunity or any network marketing business for that matter presents a huge opportunity for the average person to obtain a substantial income, provided a few criteria are met.

1. The distributor is passionate about the product and for Monavie that would be the Monavie Active (only you the distributor can answer that)

2. The marketing strategies are sound and offer the most income opportunity to the distributor not just the company.

3. The company is solid and the products deliver a real benefit to the consumers (Monavie has many testimonials, confirming their product certainly has some good benefits)

Let’s address why network marketing is a great tool for the COMPANY to get their product or service out the the consumer. First, using network marketing as a distribution source offers low start up cost and advertising for any product or service. The product gets into the hands of independent home based distributors who give the product to their warm market. The Companies know that the average distributor will consume the product for a least 3 months and in that time will recruit on average 3 other distributors who will do the same. The distributors buy cases of the product to give out as samples and all of this generates income for the company (not the distributor). The average Network marketer will be out of the business within 3 months after they run out of their warm market and begin struggling to add 1 distributor a month into their Monavie business. about 20% of Monavie distributors will continue to consume the product and continue to provide income for the company. Monavie is not acting with deceit, it utilized a very effective and low (relatively speaking) cost marketing tool to get their Monavie Active product out to the consumer and a few of the distributors will make a considerable income.

The hypocrisy with Monavie and most if not all network marketing companies is the claim that by hounding your warm market (friends and family) you will achieve the top position (Black Diamond for Monavie) because some professional network marketer achieved it in just a few months. What is not seen by the average distributor is that the professional network marketer already had a substantial downline before becoming Monavie distributor. This is called cross recruiting, where some emerging network marketing business pulls some top earners from other network companies and bring their downlines with them, a downline that was most likely never built using warm market techniques. None the less the massive downline was built, just not using the tools and techniques you are being taught.

Monavie has a what looks to be a good product and growing a business. There a quite a few nutritional companies out there with good products and all of them have distributors out there that haven’t made a dime. The difference between those who will make it to the top and those that won’t, is finding and using effective marketing strategies, strategies that put the odds of success in favor of the distributor.

Monavie could prove to be a very lucrative business for the distributor who is determined to find and build the skills necessary to bring targeted prospects to them and are ready to leave their warm market alone. If you are waiting for the big pay day to just come to you using the same marketing methods that are not working for you today, I would suggest that you just consume the Monavie Active product for the benefits of the Acai Berry, in the end your friends and family will thank you for it.

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