Nutritional benefits of lychee fruit

Nutritional benefits of Lychee fruit

Eat a Lychee nut today! Well, okay, eat the fruit, but do not eat the seed ! Lychee fruit is fragrant, sweet, and delicious if picked when fully ripe. The term “Lychee nut” is usually applied to dried Lychee fruit. Fresh or dry, it is delicious. Try some!

Lychee really is a fruit, not a nut. Lychee does have a “nut” inside, but it is a large, inedible seed that contains hypoglycins, toxic to humans.

A small, red, bumpy-looking fruit with a tough skin that grows in Asia and Southern China naturally, Lychee plants were imported to the continental United States, and are now grown as a commercial crop in California and Florida as well as Hawaii, where it was first grown as early as 1873.

Lychee fruit offers the consumer excellent health benefits. A low-calorie, excellent tasting fruit, it has more vitamin C than found in citrus fruit, more potassium than bananas, and it also happens to be high in fiber even though it contains only 125 calories/cup. They also are good sources of flavanoids, or antioxidant compounds , riboflavin and micro nutrients, including copper.

Lychee has been found to be beneficial to gastrointestinal health and contemporary research suggests that Lychee also has powerful medical potential. Anti-breast cancer inhibitors are found in Lychee, as reported by a study in toxicology and Applied Pharmacology; the fruit actually inhibit both the progression and initial development of breast cancer cells. At Sichuan University in China, researchers in the Division of Experimental Oncology have made findings that show an extract from the Lychee pericarp may offer potential anticancer characteristics in treating both ER negative and positive cancers in vitro (analysis) and vivo (testing on live cells), which may be a highly significant development.

Lychee is also an excellent fruit for people with diabetes and promotes general wellness.

Most things that are good for you do not taste good, but Lychee fruit does! Why not try some today? You can buy Lychee fruit, fresh in season, frozen, or dried.

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