Organic Acai-where it Originates

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The organic acai, pronounced as (ah-sigh-ee), has been in existence since time immemorial but it was only in the 1900s that its introduction made a remarkable entry into the western world. With its growing popularity came the researches and studies conducted by numerous experts who later on announced to the world that the organic acai bears a couple of health properties. These benefits have then reached the knowledge of millions of people from the entire globe.

Needless to say, the organic acai has been discovered in the vast Amazon region. It has been mainly used by the tribes therein for many centuries.

Originally, the organic acai was firstly utilized by the tribes that frequented the Amazon jungle. The primary purpose for which the acai was used was for the cure of several ailments that confronted the tribesmen. As per the record, the tribesmen made use of 2,000 among the 3,000 recognized fruits from the rainforests for the purpose of serving as medicinal resorts. Geographically speaking, the Amazon margins eight countries of the world and keeps the largest river which supplies freshwater to at least one fifth of the portion of the world’s water resources. It likewise houses the largest diversity of freshwater fish and multiplicity of birds.

The Nature of the Organic Acai

The organic acai is derived from the palm that goes as high as 25 meters which displays leaves that look like ribbons. The acai berries hang in clusters and were normally hand-picked. It is important to induce the juice upon plucking since its properties only stay active for about 24 hours.

The Early Medical Practitioners

The uwishin, pronounced as (oo-wee-sheen) were the men and women who practiced the Shuar medicine through the use of the medicinal plants in administering the healing process. They knew of the secrets which the rainforests kept. They therefore experimented with the variety of plants to discover their curing powers. They found out which plants were able to remove the venom of the snake from the body of its human prey and which plants contained the healthful benefits. The role of the uwishin was to do some pertinent researching as well as track down the appropriate solution for the illnesses that came forth in the tribe.

The Discovery of the Organic Acai Benefits

Through the researches conducted by the early medical practitioners in the Amazon region, the organic acai was found out to keep the natural power of the antioxidant properties and its ability to control the cholesterol levels. When taken in, it lessens the bad cholesterol and boosts the good cholesterol. Other benefits that they uncovered include the facts that the organic acai shields the heart from possible ailments, it fights off body infections, strengthens the immune system, keeps in control of the enlargement of the prostate, fights off the disease called as schistosomosis which is brought about by the snails; and it is a valuable component in the antibiotic that is administered on the infection known as Staphylococcus aureus.

The organic acai has then been produced into bars, supplements, juice products, and the likes. Their health properties are nevertheless much valued up to these days.