Overview of MonaVie (The Company)

MonaVie is a LLC company that started 3 years ago in 2005. Since then it has flourished as one of the world’s top health drink producers. MonaVie’s headquarters in currently located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

MonaVie produces a health drink supplement made of 19 different fruits. They fruits consist of acai berry, apricot, aronia, acerola, purple grape, passion fruit, camu, banana, lychee fruit, nashi pear, kiwi, pomegranate, prune, wolfberry, pear, bilberry, cranberry, blueberry, and white grape.

Each fruit was chosen for a specific reason. All 19 fruits are health for you individual but together they make a powerful health supplement. The premier fruit of the blend is the acai berry. This berry comes from the Amazon. Acai was discovered when someone began to research the reason behind locals living to be 100+ years old. They tracked it back to the acai berry.

So naturally MonaVie included this powerful berry in its blend of fruits. The used it as the base fruit and began building the rest of the drink around it. Every fruit has been picked to complement the health benefits of the acai berry.

MonaVie was the company that put the acai berry on the map. Since its introduction sever other health related companies have began making supplements containing the acai berry.

MonaVie now has two different blends of its health drink, one being the Original blend and a newer one that increases antioxidant activity. The difference between the two is the level of antioxidant activity. The active blend has increased this activity by nearly twice the original. Antioxidants have been highly sought after since research in the 90’s that showed the anti-aging properties that antioxidants have.

Along with the antioxidant’s MonaVie’s health supplement offers phytonutrients, which helps your body stay healthy.

Today, MonaVie operates in a multi-billion dollar industry called multi-level-marketing (MLM). MLM is a new way of marketing products through its customers. Basically people buy the product for themselves and then turn around and sell it to others. So far it has proven to be a successful marketing tactic for MonaVie, however some people believe MLM may be a dieing market.